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The Kissing Precise


The Kissing Precise is an artist book putting together the recent works by Mounir Fatmi: Casablanca Circles, The Death of the Straight Lines, Kissing Circles, Intersections, Circles.
These artworks have for common ground the poem written by Frederick Soddy "The Kiss Precise". Nobel Prize in Chemestry, 1921, Frederick Soddy has written the solution to Descartes' Theorem in this poem.

This book is published by the Editons La Muette - Au bord de l'eau, Brussels in english and french.
Introduction by Barbara Polla, text by Régis Durand and a conversation between mounir fatmi, Barbara Polla and Régis Durand.

size: 21x 28
208 pages
ISBN : 9782356873118
April 2014